Daejeon Cafe: Moon Banggu Coffee // 달방구 커피

Daejeon Cafe:

Moon Banggu Coffee // 달방구 커피


So I actually visited this cafe a long time ago, before I went back to America, but realized that I never actually made a post about it! (Possibly because I’m not crazy about the pictures I got that day. But whatever.)

Moon Banngu Coffee in Galmadong 갈마동 has a really unique kind of European vintage aesthetic. Even as you approach it from the street there’s no mistaking the dark wooden front that stands out next to all the other grey Korean style buildings around.

Galmadong is a really random very residential area but for some reason it seems like a lot of cute cafe’s have started popping up there.



Inside there’s all kind of little antique style touches like an old video game console and a bookshelf full of old VHS tapes.







Apart from coffee they’re also known for their scones and milk tea.





I got a latte and apple cinnamon scone and both were lovely.

My favorite touch inside were the lace curtains against the big windows of the store front. The warm light that the lamps cast on the lace was pretty against blue sky outside.



Galmadong is pretty close to Dunsan so if you’re ever looking for a place to try in that area I’d definitely recommend checking out Moon Banggu Coffee! Their instagram account is really nice as well.

The address is here:

대전 서구 갈마동 404-1

Daejeon Seogu Galmadong 404-1

But like I said earlier you won’t have a hard time spotting it from the road.


If you visit this cafe feel free to let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!



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