Seoul for the Day: D Museum “Youth” and Itaewon

It starting to see like every time I go to Seoul anticipating a relaxing weekend just hanging out friends, I end up packing roughly 1 million things into one day and practically walking across the entire city. Yesterday was no exception. And just to clarify, I’m definitely not complaining. I’m really grateful to my friends who … More Seoul for the Day: D Museum “Youth” and Itaewon

Jeonju Hanok Village

전주한옥마을 Today was the “Field Trip” day of orientation. (Yes it was actually called a field trip. We are all adults with at least a bachelor’s degree, and we now have a curfew. Everyone feels like they’re at summer camp. And are kind of ready to leave.) That’s a bit harsh I suppose. We have all … More Jeonju Hanok Village