How I Study Korean

(Before we begin this topic I’d like to put a HUGE disclaimer here to say that this is by no means the way that you SHOULD study Korean or any language for that matter. This is simply what I am doing.)   How I Study Korean I started studying Korean in October of 2015 so … More How I Study Korean

Mangwon: Berlin Kitchen and Dinga Cake House

Berlin Kitchen and Dinga Cake House in Mangwon // 망원동, 베를린키친하고 딩가케이크하우스   This weekend was another one of many fun and refreshing weekends I’ve spent in Seoul. Every time I go I’m simultaneous reminded of why I’m so happy that I live in Daejeon but that I should really go up to Seoul more often. … More Mangwon: Berlin Kitchen and Dinga Cake House