My First Winter in Korea: Video

My First Winter in Korea: Video


It’s worth mentioning that I’m from Florida. So to be fair this is really the first winter of my entire life.

I imagine that the freezing weather and snow get old after a few years but I have to say that I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the winter. I guess I didn’t realize it was possible to go about your life for any extended period of time without sweating profusely, so that was a welcomed change.

And the snow. I’ve never lived anywhere with snow and the few times I’ve seen it falling in my life were few and far between. My kids all thought I was ridiculous taking pictures of it, but I don’t care. It’s beautiful.

The clips in this video are mostly from around Daejeon, some from Seoul, and a few from Tongyeong.

While I’m excited for the cherry blossoms that will appear within the next month or two, I’m really not ready for the oppressive heat that will follow shortly after. Maybe I’ll watch this video when I’m sweating at my desk desperate for the moment they decide to turn the AC on for the first time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! ^^



4 thoughts on “My First Winter in Korea: Video

  1. My Canadian heart is already quivering in fear at the prospect of a Korean summer and no AC!! Also this video was gorgeously put together ❤

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    1. Hahaha even my Floridian heart has a hard time with it lol. I have one of those tiny little usb fans that I can carry around with me and I LOVE IT! Also thank youuuu ^^

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