Singapore: Chinatown

Whenever I start to work on these posts the first thing I do is always to go through the photos and let them kind of decide the direction the blog post will take. But going through these photos I feel like they almost just speak for themselves. These have quickly become some of my favorite … More Singapore: Chinatown

A Walk in Dunsan – Daejeon’s “New Downtown”

Daejeon is known to have two main downtown areas. “New downtown” or Dunsandong and “Old downtown” called Eunhaengdong. In reality though there are lots of nice areas in the city for good food, drinks, and fun each with their own specific personality. But Dunsan is quite centrally located between me and all of my friends so … More A Walk in Dunsan – Daejeon’s “New Downtown”

Tokyo, Japan: Video

There are more blog posts coming about the 4 days I was in Tokyo but I just wanted to share this little video I put together! Japan is incredible and I hope this can give you a little bit of that feeling! Thanks for watching ^^     Tokyo, Japan: Video