Singapore: Local Breakfast and The Pinnacle at Duxton

(I have so many pictures from this trip that instead of doing a post for each day I was there, I’m going to do one for each place we visited. Because otherwise these posts will get way to long and photo heavy.)



Local Breakfast and The Pinnacle at Duxton

I woke up on the morning of my first day in Singapore feeling very rested and incredibly hungry. My friend met me at my hotel and from there we went for breakfast at a local place right down the road from where I was staying. We had Singapore style coffee and Kaya toast, which I am now a massive fan of.




The coffee is similar to other southeast asian style coffee where it is served with condensed milk.







After getting some much needed fuel in my belly we headed off to The Pinnacle at Duxton. The Pinnacle at Duxton is a 50 floor residential complex that lets visitors up to the top floor to see an amazing view of the city. I believe you need an ID and about 6 dollars to go up but it’s worth it. Because we were there quite early in the morning there were only two other groups of people up there at the same time as us. Compared to during peak hours where they apparently have to limit the number of people at the top to 1,000.

I had no idea what to expect but what we ended up getting to see what beyond anything I could have anticipated. We stayed up on the roof for quite a while and as we were there the weather went from rainy and grey to sunny and blue so we got to see several different versions of the city scape as the weather changed.











In the bottom of this photo you can see the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which we would later visit.





I’m not sure how much it costs to get a view of the city like this in other places, but I would highly recommend visiting The Pinnacle at Duxton. Especially if you get there early enough you can have an amazing view of the city almost all to yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stick around for more to come!

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