Singapore: Mariana Bay Sands and The Gardens by the Bay

After we left the National Gallery we headed over to the bay area to catch two shows. The first one was a water show in front of the Mariana Bay Sands and the second was a light show at The Gardens by the Bay.






As we were slowly making our way around the bay we started to realize just how long it was going to take to walk the whole way around to where the show was. So our slow walking and taking pictures suddenly became all but sprinting to the other side in an attempt to catch the 8:00 show.

We did eventually make it to the other side just in time for the show. The state we were in, sweating, limping, and generally frazzled, was questionable but gosh darn it we were there on time.

The show itself was really cool. I suppose that’s to be expected from one of the most famously rich and fabulous hotels in the world.





After that show we hurried through the hotel and the MASSIVE throngs of people to The Gardens by the Bay for another light show. It was almost comical how many people were trying to use the one staircase down from the hotel to the garden at one time.

When we arrived in the gardens we spent a bit of time looking for the perfect spot to lay down and look up at the huge artificial trees that loomed overhead. We eventually found a good one and sat down to wait for the show to start.

The Gardens themselves are really cool and surreal feeling. It’s almost like you’re underwater or in some kind of Avatar style alternate universe.

Because Singapore National Day was coming up, the light show was to the tune of several very “Singapore Pride” type songs.





When the show finished we spent a long time trying to get back up the same stair case we had struggled to get down before. We walked around inside the Mariana Bay Sands for a while window shopping at all the fancy designer shops. 

Legs practically numb from exhaustion, we eventually sat down to dinner in the food court inside the hotel. 

Then it was back to my hotel to get some rest for another busy day tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for reading! 

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