Singapore: Orchard Road and The National Gallery

Orchard Road and The National Gallery


After we had taken in our fill of city views (you can see those photos here) we were off in the direction of Orchard Road. But first it was time for lunch. We stopped at another food court inside a nice mall and ate Vietnamese Pho then got some reallllly good boba.




Then it was off to Orchard Road. Orchard road is, from what I understand, basically the super fancy rich shopping area of Singapore. The only things I ended up buying were a pair of shorts from Uniqlo for 10 dollars, but we did have a grand time walking around in Gucci and Chanel talking about which things we would buy if we were suddenly rich.




Most of the people in the area were tourists and I have to say, if I was incredibly rich, this would be the place I would come to. All the stores, and malls, and displays were absolutely beautiful.




Once we’d finished pretending to live the lives of the rich and famous, we went to the Singapore National Gallery. They were having some kind of event outside that involved food and giant blow up rabbits. We were there right as the sun was setting so it made for some good vibes.





We walked around inside the National Gallery for a bit, grabbed a coffee, and sat down to watch a free music performance for a while. But in the end we didn’t want to pay or wait in the line to get into the museum so we just headed back outside to take in what was happening out there.




Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these photos!

2 thoughts on “Singapore: Orchard Road and The National Gallery

  1. Haha, this post was full of gold! Some kind of event involving food and giant blow up rabbits? How intriguing 🙂 Loving all the photography and even though I’m not a photographer, I could agree more with everything you said in the last post ❤


    1. Heheh thanks! Yea I still don’t know exactly what the rabbits were for haha. Thanks for reading ^^ once you get to Korea you can have all kinds of adventures (which may or may not involve giant rabbits lol.)


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