Korea Day 5: Garosugil Cafe-ing

Day five was another amazing day! I took the bus and subway to Sinsa station to meet up with a friend in Garosugil which is a fancy area of Seoul with lots of beautiful restaurants and cafe’s.




I told her that I’d been wanting to try Mandu which is Korean style dumplings so we went to a Mandu restaurant for lunch.




It was SO delicious. The soup was Mandu with rice cakes and the ones on the left are Kimchi fried Mandu. It was amazing.

As we were leaving the restaurant I smelled something super sweet so I asked my friend what it was. It turned out to be another street food desert and so we stopped and bought some. And so my new love affair with Korean street food deserts continues.






These are like little “bread” balls for lack of a better word. The small ones are filled with peanuts and the bigger ones have a sweet creamy bean paste in the middle. They were amazing! 

Then it was time to find a cafe. We went to a place that’s apparently very trendy right now called, “Get Some Coffee.”






I got a flat white and we ordered two apple and strawberry scones. After a little while our other friend came by and we all sat together and talked for a long time. I know that I keep saying this, but being with my Korean friends and me finally being in Korea is just so surreal.

My one friend’s sister wanted to come and join us so we decided to head off to another cafe as we’d been taking up a table in that one for long enough. So we went to a place called “Le Alaska” which, as I’m sure you can guess, is an Alaskan themed cafe. They had Home Alone playing on the TV.






The coffee’s are meant to look like there are “icebergs” on top. Fitting with the Alaska theme.






Her sister joined us and I got to try out a liiiiiiittle bit of my Korean. My friends made me ask the guy at the cash register where the bathroom was in Korean. Which I successfully did, thank you very much. And when I turned back around they were all watching me and cheered when I gave them the thumbs up.

After talking there for a while we went off in search of food. We decided to go for American style, and found a really cool BBQ place. And holy cow the restaurant was gorgeous!!







We had to wait for a while before a table opened up. We got to sit in this cool outside area where they had a sign very appropriate to my life lately.

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”

And while moving to South Korea is definitely at the edge of my comfort zone, all of my friends and their families have made be feel so incredibly loved and comfortable that I know for sure that I will be happy here. It will be challenging at times and I’m sure I will often miss home. But knowing that I have such awesome people here puts me at ease. And makes the edge of my comfort zone a little less scary.

After waiting for a while we headed in and ate American BBQ that could rival anything I’ve had in the states.










Thanks for reading!

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