St. Peter’s Basilica

After an incredible day in Florence, about which you can read here, we headed off to Rome. Rome itself was, of course, historically mind-blowing. Coming from the US where our history is only a short 200 years, something like the Colosseum is almost hard to understand.

But it wasn’t the Colosseum or the aqueducts that did it for me.

It was St. Peters Basilica.

We arrived there after a long day and honestly I remember not expecting much.









The outside courtyard was very impressive but gave little hint to what was going to be inside. I suppose I’d never seen pictures of the inside of St. Peters Basilica, so maybe that’s the reason that I was so over whelmed by the beauty of it upon stepping inside. So overwhelmed in fact, that I started to cry.

I can’t say that I had ever actually been moved to tears by how beautiful something was, and I don’t think that I have since. But something about this cathedral, with the lights spilling in through the windows, felt as if maybe God was a litter closer than usual.


















I wouldn’t say that I’m a strong advocate of group tours but this is one place that I would say that it just might be worth it. The wealth of information we were given made the whole experience even more fascinating. And helped me to appreciate the sheer grandness of the cathedral.





















And then, like everything in Florence, we climbed to the top.









It’s not often that you can get a group of high schoolers to agree that something is unanimously amazing. But we all left comeplety awed by St. Peters.

Still buzzing from an experience of a lifetime, we walked outside to head back towards our hotel. Everything we passed along the way seemed to be trying to match the incredible beauty we’d just seen.









Should you be planning a trip to Rome any time soon, I would highly recommend visiting St. Peters Basilica. I don’t imagine that I will ever see anything so overwhelmingly grand in my life time. It’s healthy to feel small every once in a while.

Thanks for reading!

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