Daejeon Cafe: Doodoodang / 두두당

Daejeon Cafe: Doodoodang / 두두당


Looks like we haven’t quite seen the last of the cafe posts from my time in Daejeon.

Today I’m bringing you a gorgeous cafe that’s a little bit outside of the city in the Daecheongdam area. If you have a car or are willing to bus for a while though it’s well worth the trip.
























The big windows give the whole place a very open airy feeling. And I loved the modern hanok style. The coffee was excellent and I can only imagine how beautiful this cafe must be in the summer when all the trees have green leaves.

Even with the winter view it was lovely.


Address here:

대전 대덕구 대청로 234


One thought on “Daejeon Cafe: Doodoodang / 두두당

  1. omg this is such a cute cafe! it gives off such an airy vibe that makes me excited for spring haha
    my school used to be right next to daecheongho so i can only imagine the views from here are gorgeous!


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