Jeju Day 2: The Rainy Day

Jeju Day 2: The Rainy Day


Our second day on Jeju Island was the rainy one.

We woke up to light misty rain that pretty much kept up throughout the entire day.

For breakfast we went to a cafe that I looked in pictures to be the “bagel cafe of dreams” (for a bagel lover like myself) but was actually just pretty mediocre. The coffee was good though.




From there we went to our first stop Jusangjeolli cliff. The entrance to the park was about 2,000won which is something like 2 US dollars.




The hexagonal pillars were originally formed by lava and were an even deeper black color than usual because it had been raining all morning.





The main attraction was the observation deck where you can see and take pictures of the cliff but there is also a park attached to the area that offers a lot of other good views and things to see!




On the way to our next place we stopped off at a random little beach.





There wasn’t much we could do there because of the bad weather but it was still cool to see.

From there we went to Jeongbang falls which ended up being one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

It was properly raining when we arrived which made navigating the stairs and rocks a little bit more difficult but I think it made the view even more amazing.






I grew up around water but around a lot of water falls or volcanic formations for that matter. So the combination of watching powerful waves that I am so familiar with crash against a landscape unlike anything I’ve seen before, was really amazing.






From the falls we walked through a little park and a small gazebo area.







From there we ended up at a random little exhibit and decided to duck inside for a bit. It cost about 500won about 50cents and they gave each of us some tea to enjoy in the courtyard area.






After that it was time for a little coffee/sugar fix. So we went to a little cafe down by the water where I befriended the cutest little puppy who wasdesperate for a piece of my brownie (which he did not get.)




We hung out there for a while enjoying the view and coffee. We went back to the hotel for a bit after that to rest before going back out for some famous Jeju black pork.




We ate at a place called Seogwipo Heukdon (서귀포흑돈) and they even had a shuttle service that would pick you up and take you back to where ever you were staying! The staff were really nice, the food was yummy, and I definitely recommend it for anyone staying in Seoguipo! It was a little pricey but definitely worth it.


From there it was back to the hotel where we watched a Korean variety TV show and hit the hay.


Thanks as always for reading and I’ll have day 3 (our sunny beach day) up soon!

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