Daejeon Cafe: Hachi Cafe // 하치카페

Hachi Cafe // 하치카페



Hachi Cafe is a Japanese style cafe located in Galmadong which is honestly one of my favorite underrated neighborhoods in Daejeon. It’s very small, quiet, and residential but there are a lot of these pretty little cafe’s all over the place!

It’s also in a very easy walking distance of Dunsandong and Galleria so if you’re wanting to get out of Dunsan without going too far, I totally recommend checking this place out!







The inside is pretty small but they make the most of the space with lots of seating.






One of my favorite things about this cafe are all the tiny little details sprinkled all over the walls and tables. I believe one of the baristas or the owner is Japanese so the style feels very authentic and not too forced.












When you go up to order they have a little paper menu as well as an iPad with pictures of all their drinks. In the display case are their different deserts.







I ordered the cube latte, my friend got a regular latte, and both of us ordered the vanilla cheese tart.







The cube latte is really cool but be warned that it does take a while for the coffee cubes to melt.

But once they did the coffee was really good and the tart was excellent as well.




Here’s the front and back of their business card which includes their name, address, phone number, instagram, and email address.

That address again is: 대전시 서구 갈마동 211-9



This cafe has been open for a while but it’s still an instagram hot spot so be prepared to wait if you’re wanting to take pictures outside.

I highly recommend this little cafe for anyone looking to get out of the busier areas of Daejeon. The vibes are cool, music selection is solid, and the coffee is beautiful!

Let me know if any of you guys have visited Hachi Cafe!

Thanks as always for reading! Hope you have a lovely day!


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