Daejeon Cafe: Pangsion // 팡시온

Daejeon Cafe: Pangsion // 팡시온


Monday we had the day off of school and as such my loyal cafe hopping friend and I headed out to a cafe that requires a not insignificant amount of time and effort to reach.

The cafe itself is out in Daecheong and by the time we arrived we’d taken a bus, the subway, and a taxi. I wouldn’t exactly call it easily accessible. Unless you have a car, in that case it wouldn’t be too bad.





We took the subway as far as we could but ended up not being able to get a bus from there. So we taxied to the cafe.





It was immediately clear that we were not in the city any more. And despite the weather being rather unpleasant the place was very busy and only became more so the longer we were there. By the time we left there was a line of cars waiting just to park out to the main road.

Because we were there early enough, and only two people, we were seated quickly and the food didn’t take too long.

I ordered a panini and my friend got the fried chicken.




The food was good but a little expensive. To be expected though I suppose. But the view from inside was lovely.

After we finished eating we ordered coffee and went to sit outside and really enjoy the surroundings.









After enjoying the slightly improved weather and sunshine we headed down to the edge of the water to walk around.










We sat and talked for a long time before deciding we’d made the most of the long hike out.

Pangsion Cafe is worth seeing if you have the time, but you definitely need to have the time in order to make the trip worth it.

The food was solid and the coffee was fine but what really made it was the view. It was crazy to think we were still technically in Daejeon but the fresh air and wide open space was incredibly refreshing.

대전 동구 회남로 275번길 227 (신촌동)

That’s the address however if you don’t have a car I’d recommend just taking the subway to the end of the line and then taking a taxi from there. Or make sure you time the whole thing right so you’ll be able to take the bus from there and back because they don’t seem to run very often.

Let me know if you check this place out!

Thanks for reading!

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