Daejeon Cafe: 1987 Yangbandaek // 1987양반댁

Daejeon Cafe: 1987 Yangbandaek //



Today’s cafe is 1987 양반댁 located in Yuseong very close to the bus terminal. It’s a hanok style cafe but being one of the 1987 chain cafe’s in Daejeon (are they a chain? Who know’s really) the atmosphere is a combination of trendy and eclectic.






Inside the traditional hanok style mixes well with the more updated decor. This guy wearing hanbok almost gave my a heart attack when I first walked in though.






I ordered their specialty latte and my friend got their specialty green tea latte. They come out with a row of deok on top and sprinkled with various seeds and nuts. It’s a cool touch, but it’s just plain deok. If you like rice cake, you’ll like it. But the coffee was pretty good! A little sweet with the cream on top.

We also got an almond croissant and a red bean walnut bun. Both were really good!





On this particular day the air quality was suuuuper bad so we were very thankful to just be inside. We sat in the big corner seating area and talked for a long time.





This is a cool little place to check out if you’re ever in the Yuseong bus terminal area. The coffee was solid and the vibes were cool. But if you’re wanting to see a hanok cafe I’d still recommend Alohanok in Eunhaengdong over this one. But it’s completely on the other side of the city.

The address is here:

대전 유성구 문화원로6번길 60 (장대동)

(It’s literally right around the corner from 유성고속버스터미널)


Thanks for reading and for anyone living in Daejeon let me know if you ever check out these any of these cafe’s! I’d be curious to know what you think of them!

2 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: 1987 Yangbandaek // 1987양반댁

  1. Love your posts! I applied for the fall intake of EPIK this year and hope to be placed in Daejeon in part because of your awesome blog. Hoping to hit all these cute cafes in the fall:)


    1. Oh my gosh!! Good luck with everything! Daejeon is super awesome, but I’m a little biased hehe, so I hope you get placed here! I’m sure that even more pretty cafe’s will have appeared by then! ^^


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