Alohanok (알로하녹) Cafe: Daejeon

I’m back with another café post. I may have opened a can of worms starting to do these kind of posts, what with the sheer number of cafés I visit. But then again, what with the sheer number of cafés I visit it’s a shame if I don’t try to document some of them. Plus English information on good cafe’s in Daejeon is hard to come by, so if not me, who?

Anyway I’ve wanted to visit a hanok cafe ever since I arrived in Korea. Hanok are the traditional style Korean houses and many of the remaining intact ones have been turned into coffee shops.

While I can’t verify the authenticity of this one in particular, I do know that it seems to be the most popular one in Daejeon.

We happened to be here on a rather snowy day, but now having seen the lovely courtyard area, I can’t wait to come back in the summer as well!





When you first walk in, off to the left, is a small green house style room with lots of plants and natural sunlight. Even on this grey and snowy day it was super bright inside.







Once we’d ordered, we sat down by the front window to enjoy our toast and coffee.






The toast was what bread with cream and fruit on top. It was nothing mind blowing, but the fruit was quite good. And the coffee was excellent.

And while the window was a nice view of the snow and courtyard (and TONS of people lining up to take photos in front of the sign outside) that spot got pretty cold after a while so we decided to move into another room.







The whole cafe is decorated with very cozy homey vibes. I loved it 🙂






Compared to Seoul we certainly don’t have the sheer number or variety of cafés in Daejeon. But if you do the right searching, or have an awesome Korean friends to help you out, there are certainly gems to be found.

I can’t wait to come back in the summer time to enjoy the outside areas as well!


Hope this finds you well. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Alohanok (알로하녹) Cafe: Daejeon

  1. If you published a café guide for Daejeon, I’d be first in line for it all. Just saying! This cafe is SO gorgeous :’) It’s sad how I haven’t ever seen anything this nice (for cafés) even here in Toronto.


    1. Hahahah I’m kind of thinking of starting one on this blog lol. Cuz currently it’s really hard to find good info unless you can search in Korean! Lol me too, my hometown in the US has noooooothing like the cafe’s here!


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