Daejeon Cafe: Seven Factory Moment // 세븐팩토리 모먼트

Seven Factory Moment (세븐팩토리 모먼트)


Here once again with another cafe post. This time not from a cafe that I was visiting for the first time, but from one of my favorite and most frequented cafe’s in Daejeon. Seven Factory Moment.

This is another of the “Seven Factory” cafe’s like Patio Seven that we visited last week. But this one is notable for being up on the 15th floor of a building with a beautiful rooftop space that offers a great view of the Yuseong area.

The sun sets really early these days so by the time we got there the sky was already pink and warm against the blue mountains.






We ordered our food and then headed up to the rooftop area to see the view before the sun went down.



This is a view of the entrance and main street of Chungnam National University. Also where I took my TOPIK exam.




It was beautiful but what you can’t see in the photos is how utterly freezing it was outside. So very quickly we ducked back in to get our drinks and sit down.




From where we were sitting, 15 floors above, we watched some people trying to walk on the partially frozen river.



We enjoyed our drinks which I would describe as “just a latte” and my friends as “tastes like sprite” but with the view and the atmosphere it was really lovely. The sheer number of times I’ve been here is testament to that.

Very quickly the sun set and the cafe was left with a completely different feeling.






We ventured once more up to the roof to brave the cold and get some different night-time photos.





Seven Factory Moment is really easy to find and has a really great view of the area so if you’re ever in Daejeon for only a little while I’d recommend checking this place out!

The address is here:

대전광역시 유성구 대학로 59, 15층

But if you have trouble finding it just look up at the tops of the buildings because the cafe is clearly visible at the very top two floors.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you check this place out!

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