Daejeon Cafe: Church and Dancehall (처치앤댄스홀)

I’m back with another cafe post!

This time from Church and Dancehall cafe.

Address: 대전 중구 대흥로139번길 38 1층


I’ve wanted to visit this cafe for a while now so today right after I finished English camp I met my friend at the bus stop in front of my school and we made the rather long bus trip over to the Daehungdong area.




The sun sets really early these days so it was bright outside the big glass windows just long enough for us to order and eat our scones. I got the apple cinnamon scone and my friend got the cheese one. They were both really good. And my latte was lovely as well.








The interior is incredibly minimalistic and almost everything is white save a few key decorations and the wall of magazines.





We sat by the window and talked for a long time as the sun set and was, very quickly, gone.







It’s a really neat little space and the coffee was actually a lot better than most places I’ve had around here. Not too heavy with the milk.

And, like most cafe’s in Korea, it seems to have been designed with potential instagram photos in mind. Except for the fact that after it gets dark the inside florescent (are they florescent? who knows really) lights throw the white balance wayyyy out of whack so it’s a little hard to get the colors just right.

But the vibe was chill, the music was cool, the coffee was tasty, and I got practice Korean for a few hours straight with a good friend so I’m calling tonight a win. Not bad for a Thursday after work.

Thanks for reading!!


8 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: Church and Dancehall (처치앤댄스홀)

  1. This post is gorgeous! But now I’ve been reminded of how little I actually know about Daejeon’s districts (Daehungdong is one?). I know entirely too much about Seoul and too little of my actual future home eeps! Time to research a lot more!


    1. Thanks! Yes Daehungdong is an area close to the old downtown. Maybe I can try to make a post about the different districts in Daejeon! That’s a good idea! (Daehungdong is my favorite though ^^)


      1. I almost did this winter! But then my parents wanted me to stay with them and travel in China, so I had to cancel my plan to Korea. Ughhhhh I miss you a lot!


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