Hong Kong: Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village was one of my favorite places that we visited during my time in Hong Kong.

It was simultaneously familiar because of how comfortable I am around the water, but also unlike any place that I’ve ever visited.

We had to take a ferry to get there and I, who can’t fall asleep on any form of transportation even a 14 hour plane ride from Korea, managed to doze off to the steady hum of the engine and warm stale air inside the cabin.



When we arrived the first thing we did was walk through the little street full of shops by the entrance.




Then we stopped for a bit to eat a very quick, very cheap lunch of noodles and iced coffee.



After we finished eating we set off to walk around and explore the island.







After walking through a lot of the little streets we made our way to the docks.














From the docks we headed over to a small temple towards the other side of the island. The whole day was a lot of just slowly wandering around taking everything in. I loved the vibes and the familiar sounds that come with living around the water.





Tai O fishing village was everything familiar that I miss from back in Florida, but in the most unfamiliar way possible. Instead of English, I heard Cantonese and the many different language of other tourists. Instead of the food I’ve grown up on, I saw Chinese food and snacks for sale.

But the smell of brackish water, the tangible humidity, and the sound of waves lapping against concrete were all the same.

Definitely check Tai O out if you get the chance. The crows are rough in the beginning but they thin out the further on to the island that you get.

Hope where ever this finds you, you are well. Thanks for reading!

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