Hong Kong: Chi Lin Nunnery


The next stop on our first day in Hong Kong was the Chi Lin Nunnery. Situated in what feels like a very random place next to a shopping mall in the middle of the city, the nunnery is as peaceful as it is beautiful.





It’s cool to be able to see the very traditional buildings contrasted against modern Hong Kong in the background.









After walking through the park for a while, we then came across a building that was home to some kind of rock museum with a little tree garden out front.






It didn’t take us very long to get through the whole thing, so if you need something do to in Hong Kong that can be quick and easy, I’d recommend this. It was very accessible by public transportation and a really lovely little walk.


Hope you enjoy the photos! Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Chi Lin Nunnery

  1. Gorgeous photos! If you ever get the chance to go back, the Chi Lin restaurant does some of the best vegetarian food in Hong Kong, with the added benefit of unlimited congee!


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