Singapore: Arab Street and Haji Lane

Arab Street and Haji Lane

After we left Chinatown it was off to Arab Street. The first sight we were greeted by was the Masjid Sultan a beautiful Mosque framed by the palm trees on the street around it.















We walked around in the little shops along the street for a bit and ended up spending a long time in a turkish shop talking to the owner. They had the most gorgeous lamps I’ve ever seen. I don’t even care that it was such a touristy area, the things in the shop were beautiful.











After we said goodbye to him we made our way to Haji Lane.





















By that time we were hungry again and decided to go for hot-pot. So we went over to another area to eat then sit by the river and spend some more time just catching up and talking about life.







Again, both the food and the conversation were very good for me.

It was an absolutely incredible day. If you ever visit Singapore I recommend doing all the ethnic neighborhoods in one day because it gives you the chance to appreciate just how incredibly and beautifully diverse the country is. I had a blast getting to see it all and I will cherish the memories and the pictures forever.

Thanks for reading!

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