Tokyo, Japan: Video

There are more blog posts coming about the 4 days I was in Tokyo but I just wanted to share this little video I put together! Japan is incredible and I hope this can give you a little bit of that feeling! Thanks for watching ^^



Tokyo, Japan: Video


4 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan: Video

    1. Hey! Thanks for watching it! ^^ I actually just used my iPhone for the whole thing. I have a nicer camera for pictures and stuff but I find that I won’t actually take any videos unless it’s really easy to do. And my phone seems to be the easiest way!


  1. Devon, when you uploaded the video from your phone, how did you guarantee the quality? For me whenever I film videos using my iPhone6, it’s so blurry!


    1. Hey! I’m not actually sure. I always import the videos from IPhoto to IMovie and the quality seems to stay the same! But then when you export the movie, I export directly to Youtube, I think it asks you what quality level you want. And I always choose the highest! Yea the iphone camera is pretty good, so they shouldn’t be blurry!

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