A 35mm View of Cusco, Peru

I’d like to start off with some kind of angsty pretentious quote like “FILM’S NOT DEAD” or something about how “film really just captures the essence of place better than digital photos do.” But of course I don’t really believe those things so I’ll spare you.

I do, however, believe that film is a very different medium than digital photography. I took somewhere around 2,000 photos during my 6 weeks in Peru, but the handful that I have from my tiny little 35mm point and shoot feel completely different.

Cusco has this very palpable energy which I think has something to do with the fact that everything is very intertwined and connected. The people, the culture, the history, the language, everything is a part of everything else and you know it the moment you step off the airplane.

I could never sum up into words what Cusco meant to me, and going through all 2,000 of the digital photos I took would take more time than most people are willing to spend on someone else experience. So here are some of the moments I captured on film.




Cusco, Peru
































Writing about Cusco is difficult for me because there are a million things I want to say and no words adequate to express myself. But these photos do a pretty good job. This city is special and if you ever get the opportunity to visit it I highly encourage you to do so.

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