Snapshots of Seoul

Snapshots of Seoul


Whenever we get out of Daejeon and up to Seoul for a weekend the time tends to revolve around “what are we going to eat next, when can we acceptably have another cup of coffee, and when can we eat again?”

Good food, or truly international food, is really the only thing that I feel like we lack in Daejeon so a weekend coffee/beer/food tour is pretty much ideal as far as I’m concerned.

We rolled into Seoul Friday night around 8:00 and rushed over to Gangnam station to get Korea’s version of Chipotle. It’s called Cuchara. And it’s incredible.

Then we checked in at the guest house and got a beer at our favorite place in Sinsa.



The next morning we left around 10:00 to get breakfast.

Walking around Garosugil in the morning before people are out and everything is quite is one of my favorite things.




After eating, we went to check out a retro gaming center that I’d heard existed outside Yongsan station.











It does in fact exist, is as sketchy as I expected, has absolutely every kind of retro game and console, but was unfortunately a little more pricey than I had expected. But super cool to look around!


After that it was back to Sinsa.


The Garosugil/Sinsa station area is one of my favorite parts of Seoul and definitely where I am most familiar.












When it was time for another coffee we went a famous cheesecake place called C27 and chatted there for a while.











To kill some time before dinner we walked through an art exhibit and a few concept stores for some fancy local brands.

















When the time rolled around we went over to a BBQ place to meet friends for dinner.







The BBQ was delicious and the company was fabulous and we ended up having a really really lovely evening.

If you’re ever looking for an area of Seoul to cover all your bases; food, drink, coffee, shopping, art and cosmetics, Sinsa definitely checks out.




The next morning we went to Able for brunch.






We have one of these in Daejeon as well and it just never disappoints. Good food, beautiful atmosphere, the only thing to be careful of with the Seoul one is your timing. Around lunch time it’s very common for them to have up to an hour wait. But definitely try this place out if you can get here early!

From there we went to a retro game cafe. I got a nintento switch over the summer and have been a little obsessed with games since then so I’ve been wanting to check this place out!

For the price of your coffee you can play any of the retro systems you want for seemingly as long as you want! It wasn’t too terribly busy when we were there so we got to play a SNES/SuperFamicon and N64.
















And that was it. A perfect little weekend getaway and chance to enjoy some excellent food and the company of an equally excellent friend.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places!


Thanks as always for reading!!

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