Daejeon Sky Park // 대전 하늘 공원

Daejeon Sky Park // 대전 하늘 공원


하늘 공원 is a small little park in Daedong that over looks the city. I’ve been wanting to go here since I moved to Daejeon two and a half years ago so I was really happy to finally get a chance to check it out.



We ended up taking a taxi most of the way up, which the driver was NOT happy about, but if you walk be prepared for a lot of stairs.





There’s not much up at the park except a few places to sit and a small windmill covered in mosaic tiles. But the view at sunset was incredible.





After a little while the bugs started to become a bit too much so we walked quickly over to a little cafe that my friend knew of right next to the park. From there we watched the rest of the sunset.







That last photo was a relatively long exposure and you can actually see all the bugs that were flying in front of the camera if you look at the lighter parts of the sky. Verdict: AMAZING views, maybe come back when it’s not the summer time. Or wear bug spray.


I’m really glad that I finally got to come here and I definitely want to go again, maybe with more camera equipment to better capture the scenery. Let me know if you’ve been here before, and as always thanks for reading! Hope you’re doing well!!

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