Daejeon Cafe: Jou // 카페 조우

Daejeon Cafe: Jou // 카페 조우


Hello friends I’m coming to you today with a post from a beautiful cafe with huge windows and tons of natural light. It was absolutely perfect for enjoying the first blue sky that day we’ve had in about a week.

I came back to Korea last Saturday and for a full week the air quality has been so bad that the government has been sending out daily alerts reminding people not to go outside and take public transportation instead of walking at all costs.

This picture was taken in the middle of the day last week. That’s not fog or rain, it’s literal crap in the air.



Today however, we finally had a full day of blue sky. And to celebrate my friend and I headed over to Cafe Jou to enjoy the sunshine and get some work done.



This cafe is tucked behind an up-and-coming residential neighborhood and due to the fact that is has a pretty large backyard area, it seemed to be the hip place for moms to bring their kids to run around while they enjoyed some coffee and quiet inside.

Before the kids arrived though, the atmosphere was incredibly calm and the mostly white and wood interior along with the big windows gives the place a light airy feel.









But even with the kiddos it’s a really lovely space for studying and it was fun to watch them running around outside being silly.

Both of us just ordered americanos but they also had some deserts that looked good!






Unfortunately we are just coming out of winter here so most of the greenery outside was still pretty dead. But I can not wait to come back here in the spring and summer to enjoy the backyard space.



We worked there for a long while and finally had to leave once it was getting to be dinner time but the sunset that greeted us on the way out was a pleasant surprise.




Let me know if you’re able to check this gorgeous cafe out!

Address is here:

대전 서구 도안동 1463


(And EPIK teachers I hope you all had a great first week of teaching!)

2 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: Jou // 카페 조우

    1. I knowwwww I miss green!! But I’m sure I wont be happy when it’s over 100 degree again in the summer, but for now I just miss then green lol


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