Daejeon Cafe: Cafe Jota//카페 좋다

Daejeon Cafe: Cafe Jota//카페 좋다


Back today with another cafe! And another cafe in Galmadong at that. It seems like Galmadong is the place to be for small trendy cafe’s recently.

We were actually trying to go to another cafe in the area that I’ve been wanting to post about for a looong time but they happened to be closed so we headed over to Cafe Jota.

좋다, pronounced Jota, basically means “good” in Korean. But it’s in a conjugated kind of narrative form that sounds like you’re saying it to yourself. Inside they had little signs on the tables that said things like 커피좋다 which is a bit like saying, “Mm this coffee is good!”








The inside is very cozy and all the lighting has a warm tone that makes the place feel very welcoming. (It did make the pictures kind of hard to take though.)







My friend and I both ordered americano’s and a waffle both of which were excellent!







We talked inside for a long time and by the time we left it was getting dark. But that only made the cute little exterior of the cafe look even cozier from the outside.







Cafe Jota can be found at this address:

대전광역시 서구 갈마역로25번길 73

It’s very close to Daejeon Dunsan Girls High School if that helps as reference.


Thanks as always for reading and let me know if you check out Cafe Jota!



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