Daejeon Cafe: Pax // 팍스

Pax // 팍스


Pax is a rather large industrial style cafe in the middle of a very typical little Korean residential area. My friend and I came here after a quick kimbap/ramen dinner to study for a while. When we arrived around 7:00 there was still hardly any one there so it was perfect for studying. But by the time we left it had gotten quite busy and so the study vibes weren’t exactly ideal.

But the cafe itself is totally worth a visit whether your there to study, get coffee, drinks after dinner, or just to enjoy the atmosphere with a friend.








Out back there is a really lovely patio where I’m 100% certain we’re going to be spending a lot of warm summer evenings.




As far as food goes they have a little assortment of deserts and scones but not too much variety.

For drinks they have the usual coffees, teas, and beer.

I ordered an iced latte and my friend got an iced jasmine tea.




There are three floors in the cafe. On the first is the coffee bar, several inside seating areas, and the outside patio. On the second floor is one very long table with lots of seating and the balcony area. And on the third floor is a shop that sells all kinds of cool little things from clothes and shoes to kitchenwares.






I’m already planning to buy one of their mugs some day because they’re so cool!


So there’s another cafe for you! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. School has been weirdly busy this semester. But summer is just around the corner which means that things will hopefully start to calm down and before we know it the semester will be over! I genuinely don’t believe that it’s pretty much already June. Where did the last 5 months go!?!

Anyway I hope you liked this post! Daejeon peeps, as always let me know if you check it out or if there are any other cafe’s you’re curious about!

Hope this finds you well! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: Pax // 팍스

  1. I don’t think I ever told you, but you have a real knack for cafe photography. You always capture the little charms of each one so well!


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