Daejeon Cafe: Common Hills // 커먼힐즈

Back with another cafe post! This time from Common Hills.

This place suddenly started appearing on all over my instagram a few months ago and I’ve been really wanting to visit it! And yesterday for language exchange and coffee as always, I finally did.



It’s tucked away in Galmadong across from 은하수네거리. So if you’re in Dunsan this is a great place to get away from all the noise without going too far!




Just inside the door are their baked goods ranging from things like chocolate covered croissant’s, sausages, and an apple pie pastry.




The drink menu is up by the register where the coffee bar is.




The whole space is completely open and all the big windows let in a ton of natural light. The decor is very simple but modern and to me it felt this place could have been dropped into New York or Chicago and no one would know the difference.





They have a little space for what looks like a DJ set up and they’re open until 2am which would make this an awesome spot to come after dinner in Dunsan!

I got the apple pie and a peanut latte because I was feeling adventurous. The latte was good. I don’t know exactly what I expected from a peanut latte but it literally just tasted like peanut butter and milk. Delicious but I had been hoping for coffee in there somewhere.

My friend got a sausage pastry and the matcha latte which ended up being tiny but she said it tasted good!



I definitely want to check this place out at night sometime because the vibes were really cool and I loved the big open concept space. Plus if there’s live music it think it’d be a perfect place to chill after dinner with some drinks or desert!

I totally recommend checking this place out especially since it’s pretty easy to get to!


Address is here.

대전광역시 서구 대덕대로161번길 38


Thanks as always for reading! Any of my Daejeon people let me know if you check this place out!! ^^

2 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: Common Hills // 커먼힐즈

  1. Enjoy all your blogs about the cafes near you! They are all so different & very attractive!! Enjoy them all! Glad you have volleyball! A good way to release stress. I hear you about your classes etc. I have been down that road tho not in a foreign(sometimes it seemed like it tho!!) country. Keep smiling! Sending our love!


    1. Thank you!! At least I have so many good things in my life to keep me busy! Glad you like the cafe posts, because I really like doing them! ^^


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