Daejeon Cafe: Dongbang Coffee // 동방커피

It’s been a while since I made a cafe post so I’m glad to finally be doing one again!

Things have gotten super busy for me since I started playing volleyball and if I’m gone on the weekends that leaves me with almost no time for cafe hopping.

But thankfully, yesterday I found some time to head over to 괴정동, a smaller neighborhood close to where I live. This area, while very residential and quiet, seems to have a solid amount of good food and cafe’s. And it’s pretty close to Dunsan if you’re in the area.

I finished school and promptly hopped on a bus to go meet my friend. It was about a 5 minute walk from the bus stop to the cafe but I imagine that if you weren’t specifically looking for it you might never find it. The cafe itself is basically in a house but nestled in between two bigger apartments so it’s hard to see from the road.

Just outside there is some seating that I’m sure would be really lovely on a summer evening.




On the first floor is the coffee bar and one room with sort of bar style seating around a large plant decoration.






That room also has a lot of little origami decorations which were very cute.





Upstairs there are several seating areas.






I ordered an iced latte and my friend got some kind of pineapple-ade.




We talked for a while as the sun started to get lower and come in the window behind me.



And too quickly I had to rush off again to meet another friend for dinner.



Donbang coffee feels a lot like someone’s very comfortable old house. I loved all the Hanja characters around for decoration and the very simple but classic aesthetic was done really well! And the staff were really friendly which is always a plus!

This neighborhood is really chill and quiet so if you’re looking for somewhere low key to get some coffee and good vibes I’d definitely say check this place out!


Here’s the address:

대전광역시 서구 괴정동 427-9


Thanks as always for reading and I hope this finds you well!


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