Daejeon Cafe: Patio Seven // 파티오세븐

Patio Seven (파티오세븐)


If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time chances are you’ve seen photos of this cafe before.



This is my favorite rooftop spot in Daejeon and we go there a lot. It’s called Seven Factory Moment and I’m planning to do a proper post on it next time I go!

But the cafe that I’m going to share with you today is a branch of this one. There are several in Daejeon. Seven Factory Moment is in Yusong but Patio Seven is in Eunhaengdong very close to Daejeon station.

It has a similar aesthetic but Patio Seven is a lot more new and polished looking where as Seven Factory Moment has a kind of cute campy-ness to it.

When you first walk in there are two different little collections of glass balloons that are quite pretty.





To order you walk up to this little screen above the counter and choose what you want. After making your section there’s a little place to swipe your card so you can theoretically order and pay without speaking to anyone. So if you’re really afraid of speaking Korean this might be a good place to come try!

I was there with my Korean friend and when we went up to order the guy working said to her something along the lines of, “Hey! She’s (me) a regular customer at the other Seven Factory Moment cafe. I used to work at that one. What are you guys doing all they way out here?”

Which in and of itself is a very interesting thing. I’m a “regular customer” at a lot of places in Daejeon but of all those places there’s really only one where I’m friendly with the owner and employees. Which is funny and I think mostly just a part of Korean culture that I wasn’t expecting. No one really strikes up small talk with people the way we do in America.

So I have often wondered how, even though my friends and I go to the other cafe all the time, the employees don’t recognize us. But I guess it turns out they do, they just don’t need to say anything about it.

Anyway, I digress. We both ordered cheese cake and a latte, very creative I know. But it was served on this huge tray and looked very fancy.




From where I was sitting in my little space age swivel chair I could see all of the cafe. Had the sun been out I think you could have seen the river.







There was almost no one else there at the same time as us so that kind of added to the stark feeling of the very wide open space. The entire cafe is just one big square room of white and silver.

The cheesecake was pretty good and the coffee was decent. But the vibe was definitely unique. If you’re looking for something cool in Eunhangdong I’d say check it out!

Address here:

대전 중구 은행동 55-8


As always thanks for reading!


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