Daejeon, Dunsan Cafe: Pigment Picnic (피그먼트 피크닉)

This is going to be a different sort of post.

Something came over me this morning suddenly I really wanted take some pictures. I realized I hadn’t shot anything since my sister and I were in Kyoto. Which is a crying shame.

So this morning, after a bit of a late start, I met a friend for brunch. It was your solidly mediocre Koreanized western style brunch food, but the interior was quite cute. Both of us wanted to get some work done in the afternoon so we headed into Dunsan to look for a cafe where we could study.

I will say off the bat that this cafe looks like the last place you’d go to study. But a combination of being there early enough to beat the crowd, the spacious tables, and lots of natural light actually made for a pretty good little study spot.

The cafe is called Pigment Picnic or 피그먼트 피크닉 in Korean. And if they’re going for something along the lines of “a picnic of colors” with the name then I’d say it’s pretty darn accurate.









There’s a whole lot going on aesthetically, but the other interesting thing was that, I suppose to compliment the jungle vibes, the cafe is also home to a ton of different animals! There are cats walking around, a large fish tank, and some cages with more tarantulas than I’m used to seeing anywhere let alone in a place where I go for coffee.









Probably the easiest point of reference for any foreigners in Daejeon is that’s it’s above Thursday Party, but here are the addresses.


According to google the english address is:

53 Daedeok-daero185beon-gil, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon

(on the 3rd floor)


Korean address:

대전 서구 대덕대로185번길 53 3층


We had a really good time looking around this cafe! I can’t comment on the food/drink too much because I just got a chamomile tea, but I’m hoping to try more in the future.

I got my TOPIK vocab studying done for the day and got to take some pictures as well. Pretty successful Sunday. Let me know if any of you check this place out! Thanks for reading!


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