Korea Month 10: A Snowy Thanksgiving

We’ve hit double digits! This has been an absolutely packed month. Between my sister coming to Korea, our weekend trip to Japan, Thanksgiving, the first snow, signing my contract for another year in Korea, and planning my trip back to America, I’ve hardly had any time to process it all.

But it’s been a good one. This week I’ve finally been able to get back to writing more for the blog and catch up on some sleep.

My thoughts about this month are still quite scattered but for some reason I’ve gotten to this point with wayyyyy more pictures than I usually have. So I figured I’d share this month with you guys through the photos.

These pictures fall mainly into three categories.

#1 Snow

Our first snow was on Thanksgiving day and I can now maybe begin to understand what all those christmas songs are talking about when they go on and on about the magic of fresh snow.

Coming from a place where anything below 75 degrees constitutes sweater weather, it’s possible that I was even more excited than my kids were. It really started coming down in about 3rd period and in between classes (and during some too) hordes of kids could be seen playing in the courtyard and out on the soccer field throwing snowballs.

It’s possible I joined them during all of my free periods.










#2 My sister’s visit to Korea

This is what made my month for me. She was here for a little over two weeks and we managed to pack just about every single thing there is to be done in Seoul, Daejeon, and even found the time for a quick trip to Japan. 

Here are just some of the things we got up to while she was here.







This last one is a picture of my hand after I said goodbye to her on the train and then had to literally shove my hand in the door and pry my way out as the train left the station. She had been joking with me all day saying, “just come with me!” to which I would quickly agree as if I was just going to up and go with her back to America.

But after I sent her this picture of my battle worn hand she replied, “You literally almost came with me.”



# Other randomness.

Okay just this one randomness.

So the Olympic torch came through Daejeon last Saturday and I went with one of my friends to watch the lighting ceremony. It was about two and a half hours of standing in the freezing cold, but definitely an experience worth having.



So yea, that’s just a quick little overview of how my month has gone! I was so incredibly lovely to have my sister stay with me. Our travels together were amazing but even more fun for me was having her see my neighborhood and the little places I always go and the people I always see.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, thanks for reading!



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