A Walk in Dunsan – Daejeon’s “New Downtown”

Daejeon is known to have two main downtown areas. “New downtown” or Dunsandong and “Old downtown” called Eunhaengdong. In reality though there are lots of nice areas in the city for good food, drinks, and fun each with their own specific personality. But Dunsan is quite centrally located between me and all of my friends so we most often end up there.

I met up with a friend a few days ago to hang out and take some pictures. I’ve wanted to shoot here for a while because it’s become so familiar to me. So here are just a few shots from around Dunsan for anyone who’s curious about what night-time in Korea looks like. Enjoy!


















3 thoughts on “A Walk in Dunsan – Daejeon’s “New Downtown”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVON!!!! Enjoy your bday -first one in Korea!! Have a lovely day full of joy!! Keep theses posts coming! Love them!
    Love Rita & Jed & family


    1. THANK YOU!! I always appreciate your support for my blog and writing. Hope to see you guys in the good old USA sometime soon. LOVE you lots!!


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