Korea Month 4: Summer in Sight

I have officially completed month 4 in Korea.

It has been a pretty uneventful month in terms of traveling but a rather unusual month as far as school goes.

About 4 weeks ago we started speaking tests with the kids and only recently had every student officially finished. It was a behemoth of a project and involved me repeating the same questions about 700 times in a row. But I got to speak one-on-one to every single student which was really special for me and I think for them as well.

The speaking tests started only about 2 weeks after we had come back from a week-long break after midterms and so now I feel like it’s been about 4 weeks since I really had any proper classes. The week is the first one where everyone is actually back doing textbook material.

And now were two weeks out from final exams, holy cow the time goes by quickly. A few days ago one of my co-teachers, very gently reminded me that we only have two more weeks of classes to get through a whole chapter and a half of material. It’s going to work out perfectly but I’m glad she said something because I actually had no idea that finals were so soon.

And if finals are soon that means that the end of school is soon, and that summer vacation is almost here!

Once school finishes I have two weeks of English camps for the kids who parents work or want to send them for extra practice and then my two weeks of vacation before desk warming the rest of the time.

I still haven’t decided what I’m doing for summer break yet. I’m torn between going somewhere new like Vietnam or Singapore, and just relaxing in Korea and actually getting some rest before the next semester. Who knows. I’ll probably try to do a little of both.

The other highlight of this month was that I had my first visitors in Daejeon! One of my former students, who is now a close friend, from Thailand came to Korea for a week on her way back to the US. She and our other Korean friend stayed at my place in Daejeon for 3 days and then we went up to Seoul for the weekend and stayed a different friends house.

While I wish I could have been with them during the day, unfortunately I had to work, I’m still so incredibly thankful that they came. Having familiar people in my apartment made it feel even homier. I felt proud showing them around Daejeon. Even though it’s only been my home for about 4 months now, I have really grown fond of the city.

Then during our weekend in Seoul we got to do a TON of things around the city and even a few that I’ve never done before.

Expect a full post on that weekend soon!

Sorry this is quite a bit shorter than usual, but I suppose no news is good news right?

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