Things Students Have Said to Me: Part 1

I started collecting the funny little phrases that I’ve heard thought my first few weeks at school. And while I’m sure there are many more to come, here are just a few things my students have said to me.
“Teacher, is that your real face?” “Yes.” “Ohhhh natural natural.”

“Teacher real eyes?”

“Teacher first love?”

“Do you have tall eyes?” This is a literal translation from Korean, which in English means to have high standards.

“How do you spell Aphrodite?”

“How do you spell booty?”

“How do you spell Trans Siberian railway?”

“You know ______ teacher? He’s my ideal type. He has short legs and he looks like a panda.”

“Teacher, boyfriend?” “No” “Oh 할 수 있어요.” That literally translates to ‘I can do it.’

“Do you like Trump?” “Do you like your president?” “WHOAAAAAAAA.” The South Korean president was recently impeached and at the time of him asking that question was deep in the middle of the impeachment trial. I got the Trump question several times and always responded with same question back to them and they thought it was hilarious.

“Teacher if I jump my head will hit the top. Listen listen.” Said by a student I passed in the hallway who stopped me just to show me that he could hit his head on the exit sign if he jumped really high. I told him I was proud.

“Hi my name is Won Bin.” “I can read Korean” “Ohhhhhhhh my gosh.”
“Hi my name is Gong Yoo.” “I can read Korean.” “Ahhhhh!” Those two go together. So every student wears a name tag sewn into their uniform. Gong Yoo and Won Bin are two really famous male actors here. So when these students stood up in class to introduce themselves to me as these famous people I got a very good kick out of telling them that I could read their real name tag. They also thought that was hilarious.

“Can you tie my hair in a ponytail for me?” I can’t say why exactly this question caught me off guard. I guess I just never thought I’d be asked that, but hey why not.

“I love you.” Still haven’t exactly figured out how to respond to this.

“Teacher how do you say when you can’t poop?” “Uh, constipated.” “Okay.” This was in the context of responding to ‘how are you’

“Sometimes I think they are not human.” This is another favorite of mine that came from a co-worker in response to someone outside the office howling like a wolf.

Everyday is an adventure and I love them all a lot. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Things Students Have Said to Me: Part 1

  1. Teacher, boyfriend?” “No” “Oh 할 수 있어요.” That literally translates to ‘I can do it.’

    Since they are responding to you saying you don’t have a boyfriend, I think they mean “YOU can do it” as encouragement.😀


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