Korea Day 1: Amazing Street Food

*Just for the record I absolutely do not intend to be writing about every single day here, but my first week hanging out in Seoul was really amazing so I figured it would be interesting for you guys! So here’s a bunch of posts coming at you! Enjoy! 



Day 1:

I woke up the first time at 6:00, then again at 10:00, then again at 12:00. Jet lag is very real, but even so it’s much more sleep than I’d gotten over the last few days so I was feeling good.

My friend made me a yummy little breakfast of rice and 파전 pajeon which was lovely and we took our time getting ready. When we finally left the house around 3:00 it was cold but very sunny. We took the bus to 삼청동 Samcheongdong and walked around a little bit. My friend wanted to stop for some 떡볶이 ddeokbokki so we ducked into a little shop.


My love of ddeokbokki is equal only to how difficult it is for me to eat. Someday I will learn how to eat spicy food. This was not the day though.

Then we made our way to a café get some work done.


We studied there for a long time until we started to get hungry and then took off in search of something for dinner. We ended up at a Korean style restaurant and got rice with bulgogi.




After dinner we went on the hunt for some 호떡 hotteok which is the one Korean street food that I’ve been wanting to try. When I was in Korea in August, everyone kept telling me about how amazing the winter street food is here. And oh my word. It did not disappoint. It took us a little while walking around 인사동 Insadong to find a cart selling it but eventually we did. Pictured here is me moments after realizing that this is probably the most delicious food ever invented.




We walked around Insadong for a while longer and then went home. I fell asleep around 8:00pm. It was a perfect way to start off my time in Korea!






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