Trip to Memphis (Alternatively: the time I went to BBQ heaven and ate only Asian food)

This past weekend I went to visit my roommate in Tennessee. My flight to Korea is now only eight days away so I’m trying as hard as possible so see as many people as possible before I leave.

And in case any one is confused as to how my “roommate” lives in Tennessee and I live in Florida, don’t worry we’re confused too. After much discussion as to how we should refer to each other in this bizarre post-college- universe that we’ve now entered, we’ve settled on roommates. Despite not actually living together we feel that it is the most accurate representation as to the nature of our relationship. Friend, sounds like we’re just acquaintances. Best friends is good, but doesn’t feel right.

A roommate is someone who sees your absolute worst, best, and everything in the middle. They know you in a different way than your other friends. And when you’ve lived together for four years, like Anna and I have, you’re basically family at that point.

But I digress.

I went to see my roommate in Memphis last weekend.

My flight went beautifully with a two and a half hour layover in Atlanta during which I got to see another one of my best friends from university, who ever so kindly came to see me in the airport. Delta, you’re not great at a lot of things, but thanks for having your headquarters in Atlanta and letting me see my friend one last time before the big move.


Atlanta from above


Here’s a shot of Atlanta from above.

The layover went smoothly, if not a little sad, and I said goodbye to my lovely Trix and headed for Memphis.

When I got into Memphis Anna was there waiting for me having just come from an international food truck event at her church. I was greeted with a to-go box of fried rice, surprisingly cold weather, and the face of a friend who I have missed dearly.

The next day we headed out to see some bits of Memphis including the most beautiful Anthropologie that I have ever seen, and a cafe who’s cups very accurately describe what goes through my head every time I buy a coffee.


Yay Coffee!


For lunch we ate a place famous for “Sushi Burritos” which are basically exactly what they sound. Giant, un-cut sushi rolls with the seaweed on the outside so you can hold it like a burrito.




Anna and I have eaten a lot of sushi together throughout the years. We went to the same sushi/hibachi place during university so often that when we walked in they would just immediately ask, “Two salmon avocado rolls?”

Pathetic or impressive? Who’s to say really.

So when we got to this place I asked them if that had anything that was basically just salmon and avocado, basic I know but it’s my favorite, to which our waitress replied that they didn’t have any salmon.

What the heck kind of sushi restaurant doesn’t have salmon? But I ended up going with the vegan roll and it was perfectly yummy.

Then we went to Ikea, browsed around for a while, and tried to buy a cinnamon roll but were told that they ran out of icing. A cinnamon roll without any icing? Memphis must have been having some weird food shortages. So we passed on that and ended up getting a churro at Costco.

That night we met up with some of her friends for Korean BBQ which would be the closest I came to American BBQ food the whole time I was there. And I have no regrets.

The next day we went to church and ate lunch at a sketchy “gas-station/Mediterranean food/Korean food” kind of place. It was as bizarre as it sounds, but the food was amazing. I ate bibimbap and it was fabulous.

Then we went to the Chinese market, bought some snacks, and headed down by the Mississippi river to hammock.






In case I haven’t made this clear before, I’m obsessed with red bean. Just a fun fact about me.

We sat in the hammock for a while, Anna fell asleep, and I took lots of pictures.




The sunset was gorgeous but the weather quickly went from tolerable to freezing once the sun was gone. So we hurried back to the car and headed home.

The next day Anna had class so I got to wake up late and start my day slowly until she finished around lunch time. Then we went to a cafe to study. Which doesn’t exactly sound like what you would want to do on vacation or during your last moments spent in the US with your best friend, but it is exactly what I wanted.

I wanted this trip to be like our life had been before. Comfortable. Easy going. No pressure. Like settling back into our old routine. And it was, it was everything that I wanted it to be.

I got to be her roommate again, even if just for a few days, and I am incredibly thankful for that.

The next morning we went out for Pho, just to round out the Asian food tour, and sat in the restaurant for a long time just to talk. I tried not to look at the time knowing that my flight was sneaking up on us. But eventually the time came and we left the restaurant and went to the airport.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to people. And during this “moving to Korea” process I’ve been torn between being way too nonchalant about the whole thing, and acting like I’m dying.

It’s not goodbye forever, it’s just goodbye for now. But goodbye for now is still hard when you’re looking at someone who has helped shape you into the person you are now. Who helped give you the confidence to make decisions like this, and to be proud of the life that you’ve made for yourself.

Anna I love you forever, wherever, and whenever. Thanks for an amazing weekend.



Also! I made a video of my trip which you can check out below or on my Youtube Channel!

Thanks for reading guys. Talk to you soon!

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