Spring: 벚꽃

Spring: 벚꽃


The past few weeks we’ve finally gotten some warmer weather, the sun has started to show its face again, and the cherry blossoms have almost all come and gone.

I don’t know how I manage to nearly miss them every year but it seems like I’m always catching them at the tail end. But maybe it’s for the best. You get to avoid the crowds that way.

So this morning, after waking up at 8:25 in a panic that I was going to be late for work only to realize about 5 minutes later that it was Saturday, I decided I’d go out and take some pictures.

Also saw this little guy posing in my neighborhood before I left.



There are a lot of famous places in Korea to see the flowers, and even Daejeon has its well-known spots, but unless you want to fight literal seas of people I’d suggest getting off the beaten path as much as possible.

The place I went can pretty much only be described as “vaguely near the Yuseong police station.” Off the main road there is a little stream and a walking path lined with cherry blossom trees above and beautiful yellow-flowered bushes on the ground.





A lot of the petals have already dropped but the trees were still beautiful, especially against the blue sky. Something I didn’t even realize I’ve been missing all winter.






It was early enough that the only other people around were older people and young parents with babies in strollers.







If you have cherry blossoms where ever you live I hope you’ve gotten to enjoy them the past few weeks.

Thanks as always for reading!




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