Daejeon Cafe: Kafé Wave // 카페 웨이브

Daejeon Cafe: Kafé Wave // 카페 웨이브


This is a cafe that I’ve actually been going to for a long time now. Located in Galmadong, Kafé Wave is a surf/vintage inspired coffee shop that offers a more chilled unpretentious vibe than a lot “pretty” cafe’s in Korea.

Plus the drinks are really good.

One of my friends and I somewhere along the line decided that this was our cafe for making travel plans, so whenever we need talk about a trip or buy plane tickets we always go to this cafe.

Yesterday was the same.

I really wanted to get there while there was still some light, the sun is setting at like 5:30 these days, but despite leaving straight from school the air quality and overall grey-ness made it hard to get any bright sunny pictures. Hopefully you can still get a feel for how cool Kafé Wave is.






Both of us, trying to avoid caffeine in hopes of sleeping that night, ordered a sparkling ade.



Both of them were delicious. I got the passion fruit sparkling ade and my friend got the grapefruit sparkling ade.

Very quickly we lost the light but even so Kafé Wave has a great vibe.







The music is always something cool and relaxing and a nice break from the sometimes blaring K-pop that can be hard to escape if you want to for a moment.




When we left to go get dinner it was completely dark but a very easy 15 minute walk over to Dunsan.



Kafé Wave is great, and like the picture above says, “Hey, you should come over.”


Address is here

대전 서구 갈마동 291-1

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