Daejeon Cafe: 100 Sheets // 100시트

Daejeon Cafe: 100 Sheets // 100시트


Back with another cafe post! This time it’s 100 Sheets Pancake Club in Daehungdong. Despite being a pancake cafe neither my friend or I were hungry enough to buy pancakes so I can’t speak to how they taste BUT they looked amazing.

And when my friend asked the cashier where the name 100 sheets came from she said something about the pancakes having 100 layers or something along those lines. (Spoiler alert they did not appear to have 100 layers but I imagine that was more of a metaphor anyway.)

For anyone familiar with the cafe scene in Daehungdong this cafe is right on the main street very close to Hideout, Cafe Bidol, and Momo Jein. It’s slightly hard to find only in that the door and sign are very narrow and easy to miss. But it’s right on the street so  you should be able to see it.





The cafe is on the second floor so once you make it up the very steep stairs you’re there.

The decor is pretty typical; very clean, minimal, white, with lots of natural light.







I ordered a cold brew and my friend got a strawberry latte.



Neither of them were particularly inspiring but we did realize at one point that both of our phones matched the drinks were ordered. Kind of an odd coincidence.



It’s worth noting that we did have to wait to be seated. Although to be fair it was a Saturday afternoon so I imagine that’s pretty much their busiest time.






We chatted there for a while before heading out to walk around Eunhaengdong where I very happily found a child’s XL Star Wars T-shirt on sale at Uniqlo for $5. Needless to say the outing was a success.



Let me know if any of you guys visit here! And especially how the pancakes are!


100 Sheets can be found at this address:

English: 409-17, Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon

Korean: 대전광역시 중구 대흥동 409-17


Thanks as always for reading! Hope you’re doing well!

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