Daejeon Cafe: Lune H // 륀에이치


Daejeon Cafe: Lune H // 륀에이치


When I moved to Daejeon about a year and a half ago the first thing I did was to search for pretty cafe’s where I could go to study. I remember how hard it was to search for things in Korean and also the feeling of success when I finally found one that was pretty close to my neighborhood and would be an easy bus ride to get there. Because as this was still within the first two weeks of my living here so the easy bus ride was a priority.

Lune H is a very pretty little cafe in Galmadong that has a sort of sweet flower shop concept. There are dried flowers all over decorating the walls and tables. And all the drinks are served with pretty little flower arrangements.




The decor feels very quaint and homey while at the same time being clean and fresh.









As always I ordered an iced cafe latte and my friend ordered something pretty, on this occasion a peach latte which put my coffee to shame.





It felt like coming full circle to be here again. This time I didn’t even have to bother checking how to get there or which bus to take. And instead of being there alone studying Korean, I was there with a Korean friend speaking it.

This cafe is super lovely and like many of my other cafe’s it’s pretty close to Dunsan so if you’re in that area it’s very easy to get to!

Address: 대전광역시 서구 갈마동 1131-3 1층

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately but there’s stuff in the works! Thanks as always for reading!

8 thoughts on “Daejeon Cafe: Lune H // 륀에이치

  1. Wow what a lovely cafe! Love the vibe there! I also have a hard time finding a nice coffee shop to study here in Clemson. I even remember the time when we went to Symplify back in Gainesville. Miss you too Devon! (Since I didn’t respond to the last message I’ll respond here lol).


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