Daejeon Cafe: Second Haru // 두번째하루



Last Saturday I walked out of my house into the most incredible weather we’ve had all year and hopped on a bus to 유천동 to meet up with a friend and visit a cafe that I’ve been wanting to try for a while!

The cafe itself was lovely but the cafe plus the amazing blue sky and short sleeve weather made the whole day that much nicer.

The first thing you notice when you arrive at 두번째하루 is the beautiful outside patio area.





We ended up sitting inside because the sun was just a touch too bright but I can only imagine how lovely it would be to sit out on the patio around sunset.

The cafe is meant to be first a cafe, but also an interior design show space. There are lots of books around of different architecture and interior design styles. And the words “Modern Art Interior” appear a lot around the whole cafe.












I got an iced latte and my friend got an iced mocha.



The little room we were in was kind of separated off the rest of the cafe and, as weird as this is to say, the air conditioning was really good. I know that sounds silly, but come the blazing summer months I know I’m going to just be searching for well air conditioned places to go back and forth between.

When we left we got a better look at the little tent outside in the front.



Again I can only imagine how lovely it would be to sit in there with a cold drink on a warm summer evening. I’m definitely hoping to go back and do that soon!



This cafe is in the middle of a very residential neighborhood but for the people who live on the east side of Daejeon it’s much close than any cafe’s in 둔산 or 유성.

The address is here:

대전광역시 중구 유천동 267-7

but also if you just search the name 두번째하루 in Kakao Maps it will come up!


Thanks as always for reading and let me know if any of you check this place out!

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