Daejeon Cafe: Botanical Garden Cafe // 고소한식물원



“Botanical Garden Cafe” is just my guess at the English name but I think it’s probably close to that.

This cafe is located on the other side of Daejeon, close to Hannam University. I stumbled across this place on instagram but had I not, I don’t think there’s anyway I would have ever known about it.

It’s a tiny little cafe tucked into a residential neighborhood. Inside jazzy music, mixed with the occasional instrumental Disney song, plays for the 4 or 5 tables of customers.






I ordered the avocado toast and a chamomile tea.





The avocado toast had a layer of pesto on the bottom covered by the avocado, eggs, and pepper flakes. This was originally the reason that I wanted to come all the way over to this cafe, because I’ve been in search of a good avocado toast. And it absolutely delivered.






We spent a long time in there just chatting and enjoying the atmosphere.

I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the Hannam area!

Address here:

대전 동구 계족로443번길 62-2


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