Korea: The Not-So-Beautiful Photos of What REALLY Happened

While it’s completely valid to complain about the ways that our cell phones are changing how we interact with the world around us, I was looking back through some of my Korea photos and noticed something.

I usually shoot with a Nikon D90. That camera is my child, my life, my prized possession. But it also weighs about 2.5 pounds without a lens on it, and so needless to say I don’t carry it with me wherever I go. But what is the one item in our lives that we are almost never with out? Correct, for better or for worse, we almost always have our cellphones with us.

The pictures I end up taking on my cell phone are all the very human, daily level things that I think don’t warrant the lugging around of a hefty DSLR. And so they’re not great quality, not well composed, but they offer different perspective on travel or life.

So with that thought in mind, here are some of the photos I found from my trip to Korea that I took on my phone. Not thought out, not planned, and taken almost as a passing thought. And through them a different view of what I did during my two weeks in Seoul.


In the airport, finally at the gate! (After waking up to the news that all Delta flights world-wide were grounded indefinitely. All’s well that ends well.)



First morning walking around Gangnam!



For some reason I really loved the way that the light came through the blinds in the morning.




Yummy street food in Myeongdong



Brochure from the Paik Nam June show in DDP



Pretty garden area in Hongdae



Me and two of my friends in a clothing store in Myeongdong.




Hello Kitty Cafe!



My friend’s beautiful cat, my other roommate during my two week trip.



Street somewhere in Gangnam



For some reason I felt compelled to take a picture of my reflection in the doors to the subway



Coffee and desert in at Standard Coffee Bar in Gangnam! Such a cool cafe!



Korean BBQ selfie!!



Working in a Cafe in Gangnam. (Also the Seoul Snapchat filters are very cool!)




Screenshot of the Seoul Metro that I used to get everywhere because I didn’t have cell service



허니츄러스맛 팝콘 = Honey Churro Flavored Popcorn. Picked up from the convenience store that I visited almost every morning. Soooo yummy!



Cat on my lap! Perfect way to work on a blog post.



Konglish. “Yes, pure it’s real time.” Do with that what you will.



Snapchat from my friend as I headed off on the bus.



I realize that these photos are kind of silly. But when I think about what I did in Korea, these are the things I remember. The incredible sights and history were amazing, but what I will remember from this trip is sitting in cafe’s writing for this blog, feeling like maybe I really could live in Seoul. I will remember visiting friends that I hadn’t seen in almost a year, who were just as excited to show me Korea as I had been show to them America.

Thanks for reading.

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